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Water Projects

RFP Process Development and Management. Working for the municipal clients, the assignments assessed service delivery alternatives for working with the private sector and then, working with City staff, developed the RFP and RFP processes and conducted the evaluation of qualifications and proposals. A final recommendation report, against objective evaluation criteria was developed for each client and formed the basis for City staff recommendation to City Council for adoption by the Council. Projects have included contract operations, and design, build, operate (DBO).

Service Agreement Negotiation. Successfully negotiated over 35 service agreements for water and wastewater treatment services to be provided by the private sector for municipalities. Situations have included new plant start-ups; design, build, operate workscopes; non-compliance improvement programs; assumptions of existing municipal employees (union and non-union); development of performance incentives and performance-monitoring criteria.

Drinking Water Plant Privatization. Accomplished the successful privatization of the 18 MGD drinking water facility (direct filtration) for Scottsdale, AZ. Program elements included design, construction, ownership, and operation under a long-term service agreement between the City and the private sector.

CVP Water Supply Transfer. Working with the major M&I users of the Central Valley Project (Contra Cost Water, Easy Bay MUD, Placer County Water, and Santa Clara Valley Water), the project assessed the merits of transferring this major water supply project from the Federal government to local control, operation, and ownership. Issues included governance approaches, costs and financing, regulatory compliance, rate impacts, and operational considerations.

Water Service Agreement. Assessed the feasibility of partnering with the private sector for the design, build, own and operate of a new water-treatment facility with services to be provided by the private sector under a 20-year service agreement. The project has subsequently involved the management of the RFQ/RFP process, evaluation of the proposals received, city council briefings and workshops, and assisting the City with the Contract negotiations.

Cost of Service/Rate Methodologies

Water Utility District. Involved the development of innovative, conservation-based water-rate designs for the district.

Public-Private Partnerships. Conducted detailed economic modeling and cost-benefit analysis to determine the feasibility of privatized drinking water and wastewater system operations and the implications for user rates and rate structures.

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