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Eisenhardt Group provides management and financial consulting to municipalities.  

The firm specializes in the assessment, development, and implementation of innovative utility management approaches to provide municipal services for water, wastewater, electric power, and solid waste. The firm has extensive experience in addressing the short-term and long-term needs of clients for provision of these critical services. Program approaches have included assessments, benchmarking, restructuring, partnering, joint-venture organizational structures, contract operations, design/build/operate services and franchises, and outright sale of municipal facilities to the private sector.

The provision of municipal services has entered an era of rapid and dramatic change.

Cities and counties are requesting and implementing new and expanded programs and services which reach out for expertise and risk-sharing beyond tradition capabilities. Eisenhardt Group has recognized the need for developing new approaches and at the same time providing careful review and timely adjustment of the process.



Eisenhardt Group works with public agencies in five key areas:


Strategic consulting - identifying opportunities and challenges, and developing strategic visions for the identified area.

Specific opportunity assessment - building upon the strategic visions of the public agency, alternatives for implementing and accomplishing the vision are developed and evaluated using policy guidelines.

Assistance with the development and implementation of specific project procurements and improvement programs and project procurements.

Management of RFQ/RFP processes - including contract and franchise negotiations.

Analysis and design of rate structure, cost of service, and benchmarking.


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