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A balance of service expectations with operational realities...

Your Utility Infrastructure

Utilities today answer to three masters – customers, elected officials, and regulators. Each has different and changing performance expectations of the utility as shaped by the impact of new technology, alternative private-sector competitive choices, new regulatory requirements and “re-invented” government.

Utility managers must balance these external delivery and perceptual challenges with their own internal realities. Restricted budgets require a discipline of focus to be integrated into the entire organization. An aging infrastructure must be updated in synchronization with the priorities of today and the growth needs of the long-term future. Existing union contracts may require a wholly new co-option of the political infrastructure. This balance requires an unprecedented fusion of technical, business leadership and financial management expertise. To be successful, development and implementation of this integrated capability can only come from those who have addressed these operational challenges on an ongoing basis.

Utilities managers today must demand this new integrated expertise in the consultants they use to guide them through this balancing act. Utility management consulting groups, bolted onto largely technical services organizations, cannot attract the depth of experience required to achieve a sustainable operational performance result. Similarly, specialized legal and financial service providers cannot handle the technical requirements resulting from their recommendations. Both of these approaches create a price/performance gap that becomes much too costly for utilities to bear over the long run.


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