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Strategy Service

Using an interactive approach, Eisenhardt Group works with utility management to identify and analyze strategic opportunity areas for the utility, formulating prioritized road maps for gaining operational advantage. Being plugged into both the private vendor and specialized expertise network, Eisenhardt Group can minimize low-value investigative activities, while maximizing its work focus in actionable operational planning with the utility.
Strategy expertise includes:

  • Concession opportunities for public utilities

  • Utilization of partnership alternatives

  • Transfers of facilities and assets

  • Forward looking utility programs

  • Role of regional authorities

  • Utility consolidations

Performance Improvement Programs

Eisenhardt Group works with utilities to set their performance leadership agenda, developing and prioritizing, then leading in the implementation of a number of continuous improvement programs. Program focus can be in the areas of procedures and practices, technology application and/or organizational design.

  • Author of "Best Practices for Utility Operations", WERF 2000

  • Contributing author for "The Changing Water Utility", AWWA 1999

Partnership Initiatives

The Eisenhardt Group is one of the most experienced firms in the creation and implementation of effective partnership initiatives for its utilities clients. It has extensive experience across a variety of service procurement partnership options managed competition, contract operations, or comprehensive design-build-operate. The firm can rapidly assess the best option for the utility, spending the bulk of its time in the creation of an RFQ/RFP document and in the management of an evaluation and selection process that will produce the best partner to fulfill the utility's need. Partnerships include:

  • Over $1.2 billion of partnership programs in the past five years

  • First utility asset sale to the private sector under Executive Order 12803; first design build operate (DBO) for water and wastewater facilities

  • Demonstrated implementation of DBO programs
  • Competitive procurement of electric power service


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