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Eisenhardt Group provides high-level policy and strategic analysis and alternatives identification for opportunity areas.

When opportunity areas have been identified,Eisenhardt Group works with the leadership of the organization to develop preferred options and to identify the agency's next steps. As outlined below, this process leads to improvements in service and cost-effectiveness across a broad spectrum of alternatives. If managed competition or Public-Private Partnerships are the designated approach, Eisenhardt Group will work with the agency to assure that quality standards are met, and the agency and consumer attain the most advantageous contract and financial results. Utilizing proven assessment techniques and processes, Eisenhardt Group also has extensive experience and demonstrated results in working with utility staffs and organizations to restructure, revise work practices and become a more efficient and effective utility.

Eisenhardt Group specializes in the development, evaluation, and implementation of utility improvement programs and public-private partnerships (3P's) for water, wastewater, and solid waste infrastructure services.

As consultants to municipalities, we work with municipal or agency staff to successfully develop and implement these programs. We have worked with communities and private sector participants across the nation in considering the issues associated with the successful delivery of these services. In addition, we have contributed to the successful implementation of programs based on the development of win/win scenarios.

Because our experiences are with both the public and private sector, we bring broad perspective and experience to our client assignments. Our assignments have ranged from developing and negotiating operations and maintenance contracts, to analyzing the financial and governance implications for service delivery alternatives, to asset valuations, to managing design, build, operate (DBO) procurement processes. Our familiarity with municipal needs, the regulatory process, and best management practices and capabilities enable us to develop approaches that can be successfully implemented within the site-specific conditions.

We recognize the political sensitivity associated with utility assessment and performance improvement projects and work with our clients to reach actionable consensus on key issues. We recognize that there are a number of factors that affect the choices of local governments. From our experiences, chief among these are:

  • the cost of services
  • the ability of the community to retain appropriate policy-setting
  • control over the service
  • the allocation of risks amongst the participants
  • the ability to obtain funding
  • the feasibility of implementing the structure
  • the acceptability of the treatment process technologies to be utilized

Federal and State tax law, regulatory considerations, and the need to address the concerns of public employees raise additional complications. The key implication is that "cookie cutter" solutions will rarely be appropriate. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop project approaches that are "best fits", which recognize the trade-off among sometimes competing interests, and which provide the greatest opportunity for achievement of project goals and objectives.

As part of our value-added consulting approach and cost effective methodology, we provide project staff who are familiar with the requested project workscope and have demonstrated successes in similar consulting assignments. As mutually agreed, we are prepared to utilize existing municipal resources for specific work assignments. Eisenhardt Group maintains access to firms and individuals who augment Eisenhardt Group with "best of class" expertise. These "Eisenhardt Group Affiliates" can be drawn upon to augment existing capabilities for each project assignment.

We are committed to formulating and implementing projects that deliver successful results for our clients. We are proud of our work and value the recommendations we receive from our clients.
In assisting public agencies through the strategy-policy-alternative service options process, Eisenhardt Group:

1) Assists public agencies in evaluating activities which represent the most likely opportunities for public-private partnerships or managed competitions.

2) Works with public agencies to formulate success strategies for developing and implementing the selected alternatives.

3) Reviews all applicable literature, data and other agency experiences to assure the most appropriate approaches that will yield the greatest returns are used.

4) Evaluates and coordinates economic, technical and financial strategies, which provide a competitive environment for any evaluative process.

5) As necessary for alternative implementation, manages the procurement process by preparing Request for Qualifications, assessing qualifications, and recommending competitors. Eisenhardt Group then prepares the Request for Proposals, analyzes the responses and develops recommendations for the most desirable results.

6) In appropriate, helps the public agency negotiate contracts for service provision.

7) Participates in public processes (workshops, hearings and council and board presentations).

8) Monitors compliances of contractors and public agency staff with performance criteria.

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