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Solid Waste Projects

Public-Private Partnership. Provided the financial analysis, development and review of alternative proposals and contract negotiation assistance for the recently completed public-private partnership in San Bernardino County. The partnership provides for the private sector planning, operation, expansion, and closure/post-closure requirements of the county's 19-landfill system.

Service Quality and Cost Review. Worked with the private sector service provider and the City to review the performance and cost effectiveness of the public-private partnership which provides collection, recycling, MRF, transfer station, and disposal services to the residential and commercial sectors of the City.

Recycling Programs - AB 939 Compliance. Collaborated with the private sector and three cities to document the current levels of compliance and formulated future program alternatives for consideration by each municipality. Rate structures and rate impact considerations were also assessed.

Franchise Agreements. Accomplished the successful development of public and private sector franchise agreements for six California cities.

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