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Waste Water Projects

Recycled Water Service Agreement. Working with two public agencies, the project developed the terms of intergovernmental agreement for the provision of recycled water. The agreement will cover planning, project financing, operations (including the potential for private sector participation), and capital construction needs. A comprehensive review of all information pertaining to the proposed project was completed. A report was developed for review by each district's board and a financial model for evaluation of the project feasibility and alternative scenarios was developed.

Joint Powers Authority Dissolution. Assisted municipal members in the dissolution of a wastewater JPA with a continuation of a contractual service agreement. Issues involved included asset valuations and the future cost of service.

Facility Asset Sale (Executive Order 12803). Consulting to the private sector purchaser, the project assisted the private sector and the public sector in the concept development, identification of issues, and the development of solutions that resulted in a Sale Agreement, Service Agreement, and an Intergovernmental Agreement.

Financial Analysis of Alternative Wastewater Service Delivery Systems. Working with the City Manager and Public Works Director, the project analyzed the options for alternative provision of wastewater treatment services. Included in the assessment were the options of connecting to the other systems and eliminating the city's facility. Three major tasks were completed:

1) identification and collection of financial parameters;
2) identification and evaluation of institutional issues, and
3) analyzing the financial feasibility of alternatives.

Contract O&M Service Agreements. Developed and negotiated over 35 contract agreements for the private sector provision of services. Firsts included in these contracts included fixed-price budget guarantees; performance guarantees and monitoring; provision of computerized process-control systems, administrative systems, and maintenance management systems; and performance incentive systems.

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